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Property developer & architect law

A large number of legal norms come together in construction and architectural law. To ensure that this does not have a counterproductive effect on the realization of your project, the legal relationships must be designed clearly and in a balanced manner. This requires experience and expertise that you can rely on with us. We are happy to advise, represent and accompany you on the way to the successful realization of your project.

We represent:

Builders and developers, architects, project managers and property supervisors, homeowners and homeowners’ associations as well as buyers and sellers.


Rechtsanwalt Team - Ahmet Caglayan


Rechtsanwältin und Mediatorin Berlin - Vassiliki Siochou


How can we help you?

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Our services
in property development and architectural law

We at JUR | URBAN offer you the following services, among others:

  • Preparation and design of contracts and addendums:
    in particular property development contracts, architect contracts, engineering contracts
  • Legal due diligence: Through thorough examinations, we contribute to transparency and security in legal matters prior to construction projects. Our comprehensive legal due diligence ensures that potential risks and legal aspects related to construction projects are identified and addressed at an early stage.
  • Claim enforcement and litigation:
    Our law firm represents you competently out of court and in the ordinary courts, in independent evidence proceedings and in conciliation or arbitration proceedings. We regularly represent clients in the defense or enforcement of fee claims, claims for damages or warranty claims (including in the event of delays in completion by property developers)
  • Training and seminars:
    We offer training and seminars for architects and property developers, particularly on topics such as HOAI service descriptions, notification obligations, advisory obligations, documentation obligations and liability risks.

What is property development and architectural law?

Property development and architectural law involves a detailed and lengthy process that extends from the acquisition of suitable land to the completion and subsequent use or sale of a building. This process requires the cooperation of various parties with different interests.

Important considerations for investors

For investors, the legal framework for land development and financing options play a crucial role. Questions about the buildability of a plot of land according to public law regulations and the legal relationships with future neighbors often have a decisive influence on the feasibility of projects.

Dynamics in the planning phase

During the planning phase, responsibilities and the scope of the activities owed are clearly defined in contracts to ensure a smooth process. Not only the city planning office and the building inspectorate are involved, but also architects and specialist planners. Such regulations minimize delays and clarify liability and supplementary claims.

Challenges in the execution phase

The execution phase is dynamic, with various executing companies often working on the construction site at the same time. Whether through general contractor contracts or the awarding of individual trades, flexibility and adaptability of the respective construction contracts to the real conditions are required in this phase. Legal relationships should be as unambiguous and clear as possible in order to meet the requirements of the reality of a construction project. In this phase, it is particularly essential to have legally “watertight” records and to formulate notices of concerns and reminders.

Final phase and legal details

In the final exit phase, questions of acceptance, statute of limitations and warranty must be considered and resolved legally. Depending on the situation, the special features of condominium law, especially for property developers, come into focus here.

Compliance with various legal norms is a prerequisite for success

In summary, it can be said that property developer and architect law encompasses the interaction of a wide range of legal norms. In particular:

Appropriate expertise and experience are required to observe and comply with these. In addition, there are always interfaces to condominium law, construction law or property law.



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