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Lawyers for Land and Real Estate Property Law

Land and Property Law

Real property law is not a uniformly defined area of law. In addition to the regulations of the Civil Code from §§ 903 ff. BGB, it also includes in particular the land register regulations, neighbourhood laws and public building law.

Our team of bar certified specialists consults in all matter relating to Real Estate Property Law.

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WHAT IS Land and Real Estate Property LAW?

In this respect, real property law regulates all legal issues relating to rights of real property. These rights include the various forms of ownership and other rights in rem.

A distinction must be made between the forms of ownership, in particular between exclusive full ownership, co-ownership, joint ownership, partial ownership and special ownership within the meaning of the Condominium Act and heritable building rights.

Relevant rights in rem are, in particular, limited personal easements (rights of way, rights of way or rights of management), mortgages on real property such as land charges or mortgages, usufruct or rights of first refusal in rem.

Our services
in land an real estate property law

At JUR | URBAN, we offer you the following services in land law, among others:

  • Property rights: Enforcement of transfer of ownership; defence against transfer of ownership to unauthorised third parties; reversal of purchase agreements  
  • Easements: Defence against interference with easements such as rights of way and rights of way
  • Real estate liens: Enforcement or the extinguishment of liens on real property
  • Neighbourhood law: Defence against immissions and disturbances from private and commercial owners and property users
  • Foreclosure of a property: Defence against forced sale; partition sale;; advising interested parties before the auction; partition of the community of heirs or marriage; foreclosure and defence against execution


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