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Real Estate Economy

Renting, using, buying, building, developing and protecting real estate:
Ownership and property

Digital economy

Licensing, using, buying, developing and protecting software, platforms and applications


We represent companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals. 



Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:30.

Appointments only upon request. In urgent cases appointments outside office hours are possible.


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The strength of JUR | URBAN lies in the specialization of its lawyers and interdisciplinary work. We regularly provide further training in the form of seminars and courses. A regular exchange with other lawyers in working groups and lawyers’ associations also ensures that we are always up to date with the latest case law and legal discourse in the fields of law we deal with. 

The real estate industry is a billion-dollar cornerstone of the German economy. Following strong growth in previous years, the German real estate market had a turnover of 269 billion euros in 2018.

Real estate law is also a cornerstone of the expertise provided by JUR | URBAN. We advise buyers and sellers on the purchase and sale of individual properties, property portfolios and real estate companies. Our services here range from isolated reviews or the drafting of special clauses to comprehensive due diligence in large transactions.

We also advise and represent owners and other entitled parties in the acquisition and protection of property and equivalent rights.


Before and after the acquisition of real estate property or other rights of use equivalent to ownership, such as heritable building rights, a wide range of legal questions arise concerning easements and mortgages, neighbourly relations and conflicts, right up to the sale or auction.

We advise and represent our clients in land and property law from the preparation of the acquisition. We represent clients nationwide before local, regional and higher regional courts.

Land and Property Law

Trained as a specialist solicitor for tenancy law and residential property law, Attorney-at-law Urban heads the tenancy and residential property law department.

We provide expert advice and representation in all questions of tenancy law. We represent in case of rent claims and claims for reduction and defects. We defend against terminations and evictions or enforce them.

Our clients include private and commercial tenants and landlords.

Residential and commercial tenancy law

Since the reform of the German Condominium Act, various procedures and rules within the condominium community have changed. The community can now only jointly enforce matters of common property in relation to third parties.
JUR URBAN advises condominium owners, condominium owners’ associations and condominium administrators on all questions of condominium law.

Condominium law

As one of our core competencies, we advise and represent founders, existing companies, shareholders and creditors in matters of corporate law. We accompany our clients from the foundation to the consolidation and liquidation of the company and provide support in conflicts between shareholders.

Our service portfolio includes advice on the choice of legal form prior to foundation and subsequent drafting of articles of association or articles of association. On an ongoing basis, we advise the board and the management of small and medium-sized companies. We accompany conversions and transactions of company shares. We advise and represent shareholders after termination or exclusion, also with regard to severance payments and disputes.


Successful business relations in international trade require particularly extensive preparation. In addition to remuneration and performance obligations, places and times, questions of jurisdiction and applicable law must be negotiated and recorded. Our clients particularly benefit from our education at internationally renowned universities, the training in international private law as well as business fluent English language skills.

We support franchisees and franchisors, authorized dealers, commercial agents and trading companies in the review and drafting of contracts. We represent our clients in and out of court in commercial disputes. We also advise on compliance issues and represent before other authorities.


Especially in Berlin, the start-up scene for information technology is booming. For companies, online trade is now almost indispensable. At the same time, companies collect and process data for their own work flow, marketing or as assets.

JUR | URBAN advises and supports companies comprehensively in the drafting of general terms and conditions and individual contracts, for example in the area of licenses. We advise on compliance issues in the field of information technologies, online trading in web stores and data protection.


In Berlin, the most Start Ups are founded annually in Germany. Our experts are lawyers and at the same time entrepreneurs and experienced founders themselves. We know the criteria, procedures and processes from the idea, to founding, consolidation and exit.

We advise founders on the choice of legal form, the articles of association and the founding process. We draft the first general terms and conditions and employment contracts. We advise on questions regarding employee share ownership. We protect your ideas. We assert your interests, right up to the exit.

We also advise established start-ups continuously as their external legal department.


According to the will of the legislator, the task of labor law is primarily to protect employees from disadvantages which the work brings with it in the context of the employment relationship with the employer. JUR | URBAN advises employers and employees on all questions of employment law. Ask for an assessment by a lawyer.

We also represent clients before the Berlin Labor Court as well as nationwide in labor law proceedings, for example after termination of employment or outstanding wage payments. Furthermore, we advise works councils before they are formed and subsequently also the works councils themselves in the preparation of works agreements and other compliance issues.



Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH


JUR | URBAN is a law firm for commercial law based in Berlin. We advise national and international companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals primarily in real estate law, commercial law, corporate law, labor law and intellectual property rights and represent before German courts and authorities.

The lawyers and experts at JUR | URBAN provide objective, goal-oriented and personal advice. Our aim is to get to the point, develop a clear strategy and ultimately achieve the best legal and economic result.

Arbeitsrecht, Immobilienrecht, Mietrecht, Handelsrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz

Julian is a professional lawyer who speaks very good English, which was very important for me and he could very cleanly explain how some related laws work in Germany as per my requirement for my startup business. I highly recommend him.

Highly recommended!
Professional guidance and very smooth communication! Mr. Urban did not only provided great advice but also proactively looked into a matter and proposed solutions. I was involved at all times and the procedure was closely coordinated with me, taking into account all the options. I also appreciated the willingness to communicate with me in English so I could fully understand the German law system. Mr. Urban will remain #1 on my list in case I will need professional help again.

Mr. Urban has been a much-welcomed source of information and guidance in working towards resolving the financials of a former relationship. He has been nothing but professional, reliable and empathetic and I cannot recommend him enough.

Julian Urban and his team are doing an amazing job setting up my new company and consulting me step by step. He is super professional and reliable, couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

Asked Questions

  1. Written form: As a rule, oral agreements, emails or statements via chat may also be legally effective. However, written statements do not only serve as subsequent evidence, but also as clarification.
  2. Communication: Irrespective of this, a phone call or short conversation can often clear up misunderstandings more quickly.
  3. Deadlines: Set (in writing) reasonable deadlines (usually 14 days) and put the debtor in default. This way, it is sometimes possible to get the costs of hiring a lawyer compensated as damages later on. The other party then pays for your lawyer.

We offer clients the opportunity to receive an initial assessment of the legal situation based on the information provided during an initial consultation with a lawyer. It is therefore important that clients can describe the facts of the case in essential parts to the lawyer and, if possible, present the relevant documents during the discussion.

Since extensive cases – as is usually the case with commercial tenancy law, real estate law or corporate law – usually require extensive examination, an initial consultation with a lawyer is not conclusive, especially in such cases. Here, summarily critical points can be identified for a subsequent, further examination.

We charge consumers a fee of 150.00 € net to 190.00 € net in initial consultations for an initial consultation in our offices in Berlin, on the telephone or by video telephony.

We advise entrepreneurs on the basis of a time fee.

Our law firm usually works on the basis of an hourly fee, the amount of which depends on the legal field, complexity and the lawyer handling the case and ranges between € 200.00 and € 350.00 net.

Depending on the amount in dispute and the economic situation of our clients, we will in individual cases and on request represent clients on the basis of the RVG or legal aid (PKH). The costs can be calculated on the website of the Anwalt Verein.


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